How does it work?
  • After linking your YouTube account, we will sync with YouTube to get all of your videos.
  • Select a video you want to test and import the thumbnails and titles you want.
  • After you start the test, we will upload each thumbnail and title based on the rolling frequency you choose.
  • At the end of the campaign (= all tests are completed), you will need to upload video analytics. We will then get the test that had the best score and upload it to the video if you want.
Why do you need to manually import videos statistics?

YouTube doesn't gives access to some 'core' YouTube analytics metrics such as 'Click-through rate' and 'Average view duration'. We have access to other metrics but not the these one.

We can't do anything except manually uploading the data for now.

How do we calculate the score for each test?

The Test's Score is based on two metrics: CTR and AVD.

CTR (Click-Through Rate):

It corresponds to the number of clicks on the video divided by the number of times the video has been seen (also called impression).

AVD (Average View Duration):

It represents the average watch-time of your video.

By combining these two metrics, we get a score based on "catchy" level of your thumbnail/title and on the retention of the viewer that clicks on it. Thus, good CTR but bad AVD means that you have a perfect thumbnail/title, but it attracts viewers that are not that interested in video itself.

How it is representative?
A/B test of the thumbnail and title is primarily useful when you want to reach viewers other than your subscribers circle. Subscribers are far more likely to watch the video independently of your thumbnails and title skill. That's why it can be interesting to not launch the campaign right after publishing the video to avoid big CTR number the first few days, biasing the test.
Who is it intended for?
YouTubers who wants to know what their audience want and reach new viewers :-)
How much does it cost?
See the pricing section.
Why can't I select the time at which my test start?
Because YouTube analytics only provides analytics at the scale of the day, starting at 00:00 PST (YouTube Timezone). Thus, if we want to have the most representative metrics for testing, we have to synchronize tests with YouTube time. Every test (apart from the first one when you launch the campaign "now") will start at 00:00 PST, ending the previous test at the same time.
Are they YouTube limitations?
YouTube have a limitation for changing too many customs thumbnails per day on videos. It is not publicly documented, but we suppose it is to avoid UI pollution with thumbnails changing too frequently. The limit is more or less 100 thumbnails change per day for all the channel's videos. Be aware when you run tests!
What permissions do we need?
We ask to manage your YouTube videos to have access to:
  • Fetching your videos
  • Upload of thumbnail on your videos
  • Upload of title on your videos
  • Fetching analytics of your videos
How can I revoke YouTube access to SurfTheTube?

It may be possible that you have other questions. Feel free to reach us at home [at] surfthetube.com, we'll be happy to answer!